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Front Office

The first impression on any educational organization is created by how good the front office communicates with the parents. The front desk is responsible for answering enquiries and directing queries to the correct personal handling the issue.

AC ClassRoom

Large amount of students time is spent in class room, where they learn various skills that are needed to reach their goals. We have spacious classroom which can accommodate more than 70 students , but our classroom strength is limited to 50. Well ventilated AC classrooms and proper seating arrangements provide a congenial atmosphere for learning

Online Exams Lab

We have dedicated computer lab to encourage students to take online exams in rotation to provide the exact simulation of the real exam. With this simulation students get into a comfortable zone in the real exam with right approach to attempt the questions. They learn 1. Time management 2. Improve their speed and accuracy 3. Feel of exam hall environment 4. Confident approach towards attempting the question paper 5. We also have recorded Lectures which the students can view when ever needed.


We believe that Education and Sports should go hand in hand during the learning days in school and college. When one participates in sports activities, he/she learns to have mental and emotional balance by being positive. Failure in winning a game helps the child to assess himself and apply the same to academic challenges they face. The positive spirit helps in improving the academic performance


College is well equipped with laboratories in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology which are spacious , ventilated and safe. We follow the Board of intermediate syllabus .

Dining Hall

Students who eat together around a dining table develop healthy eating and effective communication skills. Apart from that they can switch off from the stress of the day and have a relaxed approach. Our food, is nutritious, good calorific value, rich in protein and vitamins. Utmost care is taken in its preparation and is served hot.