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5 Biggest Myths about IIT-JEE Preparation!

  • August 17,2021
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5 Biggest Myths about IIT-JEE Preparation! ...

Top 7 Boundaries You Need to Set for Children Using Technology

  • August 12,2021
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In today's date, technology is everything. Education, work, and life altogether is dependent on technology. Be it, adults, be it, kids, be it, teenagers, everyone likes to spend most of...

8 unique benefits of understanding your teen’s personality, take a look!

  • July 31,2021
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While we think that toddlers are hard to handle or little grown-up ones are a mess, the real challenge is to handle a teenage kid. No one can deny this, it is like a universal fact. Every t...

Tips for Controlling Anger in Teenagers

  • July 29,2021
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  Teenage kids are a nightmare for some parents. They come with a package of behavioural issues and handling them is like a herculean task for their pare...

C for Classroom, C for Curiosity!

  • July 27,2021
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Kids are packed with curiosity up to the brim. Curiosity in the classroom makes up for the biggest part of the learning spectrum. Even though learning never ends, and we keep learning new t...

Student Mental Health in the Time of Corona

  • July 23,2021
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One of the most critical challenges that were thrown by COVID-19 was in front of educators, students, teachers, and schools. It became an all-new form of study for millions of students all ...


  • July 19,2021
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Covid-19 has affected all aspects of our lives, everything has shifted online and we have been stuck in our homes. It seems like forever staying indoors. While adults have still coped with ...

How reading helps students deal with stress and uncertainty

  • July 17,2021
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As a result of current unprecedented times and uncertain events, adults and even kids are susceptible to feel immense stress and tension. It is normal to experience both physical as well as...

Importance of Healthy Eating Habits

  • July 14,2021
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Eating habits in kids have a great impact on their mental as well as physical health. Not only this but, healthy eating also forms the base for a kid's adolescence and adulthood years a...

How to Fall in Love with Mathematics

  • July 12,2021
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Reasons to hate mathematics can be millions- big and boring exercise books, teaching methodology, unable to understand it, passion for some other subject or any such analyses. Some might fi...

Last-Minute Strategy & Tips for JEE Advanced

  • July 9,2021
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  JEE Advanced- The dream exam that every student pursuing engineering wants to crack. But given that it's a national level exam and one of the tough...

Online NEET Preparation Tips When You Can’t Go to Offline Coaching in Covid-19

  • July 7,2021
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  As the Covid-19 pandemic hardly shows any signs of improving, all the schools, colleges, and coaching institutes remain shut. Due to this, the educatio...

NEET Exam Day Preparation Tips

  • July 6,2021
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  The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET (for undergraduates) is a national-level entrance exam for students seeking admission in medical col...

Stay Away from Distractions

  • July 2,2021
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  The terrible situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has essentially confined people inside their houses lest they want to get affected by it. Due to this, ...


  • June 30,2021
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Parents often agree that handling teenage kids is a living nightmare. That is not true. A lot of parents have these misconceptions that teenage kids are good enough to make their choice of ...

How can you enjoy studying 7 to 9 hours while preparing for JEE

  • June 25,2021
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There are only a few students who actually enjoy studying for long hours while the rest of them feel that it is more or less an overwhelming task. Moreover, when it comes to studying for th...

JEE/NEET Tips: 10 Ways to Master Studying for Long Hours without Fatigue?

  • June 24,2021
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The IIT entrance examination is one of the toughest exams in the world. No amount of IIT tips or JEE tips will help a student clear this test if he is not efficient enough in his preparatio...

The IIT Dream: Ways to Make it True

  • June 23,2021
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In today's date, a lot of students have plans and dreams about what they want to do when they get out of school. Some might be dreaming of IIT, while some might be going for an entirely...


  • June 21,2021
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We all have witnessed the rise of technology and its power. Then, due to the pandemic, technology became the centre of the education industry. Online classes took over the classroom-confine...

Which type of students clear IIT JEE – Well Prepared or Talented Ones?

  • June 19,2021
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Competitive exams and its preparations have been haunting a student's life since the day it was introduced. If you are in the lot experiencing this, then you might have probably heard a...

How to Prepare for NEET at Home?

  • June 17,2021
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The covid-19 pandemic has posed different challenges in front of students and has brought a huge change in the learning process.  Not only is the pandemic responsible for encouraging s...

10 Qualities a Maths Scholar Student Must Have

  • June 15,2021
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  We all have a few people in our lives who are excellent in mathematics and will be able to solve any problem thrown at them.  This could be either...

MCI Approved Foreign MBBS Degrees

  • June 14,2021
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With the changing trends and lifestyle, students are now giving preference to studying from abroad.  There has been an increase in the number of students who opt t...

BITS Vs IIT, Which is Better and Why?

  • June 12,2021
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IIT’s all over India has been hailed as one of the premier engineering institutes of India. The IIT JEE exam is a national level exam for admission to IIT’s...

Difference between Engineering Degree and Diploma

  • June 11,2021
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  Engineering Degree and diplomas are the two different education qualifications that are recognized but provide different types and levels of recognitio...

Top 30 Dental Colleges in India

  • June 10,2021
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One of the most promising careers in the medical and health care industry is in the dental science field.   The degrees in dental science are regulated by the Dental Council of India (...

Getting Doubts Resolved for IIT-JEE and NEET

  • June 5,2021
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  The process of preparing for entrance exams is a long one, where having doubts and queries is very natural and common.  It is a healthy habit to g...

How to Become a Radiologist

  • June 4,2021
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A radiologist is a medical professional who works in the domain of medical imaging. Radiology is the branch of medical sciences that is related to the understanding of ...

Top NITs in India, Courses Offered, and Placements at NIT

  • May 31,2021
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NIT stands for National Institute of Technology.  These institutions offer an excellent education to students in the field of science and technology.  These institutes are publicl...

How to Reduce Eye Strain While Attending Online Classes?

  • May 28,2021
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  The pandemic is a challenging time and has made everyone push limits and find the best possible alternatives to keep the world going.  One of thes...

Essential Tips to Avoid Negative Marking in IIT-JEE

  • May 24,2021
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  We can understand the pressure that students must feel while attempting the JEE exam and the thoughts that cross the mind.   JEE mains and advance...

7 Successful IITians that are at the helm of Global Corporations

  • May 19,2021
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It is a well-known fact that getting admission at IITs is one of the most challenging tasks and requires dedication, hard work, and sincere efforts.  The graduates of IITs have left no...

How to Strengthen Mental Power and Overcome JEE Exam Pressure?

  • May 18,2021
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  JEE is an entrance exam attempted by almost 10 lakh students every year and being stressed about the exam is a common experience that each and every as...

Arts, Science or Commerce? How to Choose

  • May 17,2021
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  The decision to pick a stream after passing 10th is one of the toughest decisions that students have to make.  There are three different options t...

How Becoming an Engineer Can Benefit Your Life & Career?

  • May 14,2021
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Engineering is a profession that offers students technical as well as practical knowledge of the subjects that are taught.  Engineers are one of the highest-paid workers across the glo...

7 Successful Indian Doctors that Changed the Indian Healthcare Landscape

  • May 13,2021
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The doctor fraternity of India has seen tremendous growth over the years.  The profession of a doctor is one of the most sought-after professions and requires dedication, commitment ,a...

Last Month Revision Plan for Class XII Boards

  Class XII board exams are a moment of stress for 12th graders. As the exam nears, it is a time of great pressure, having to balance the model exams in ...

7 Tips to Crack NEET

  • May 10,2021
  NEET that stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a national level entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Agency.  Th...

Arts, Science or Commerce? How to Choose

  • May 9,2021
  The decision to pick a stream after passing 10th is one of the toughest decisions that students have to make.  There are three different options t...

10 Tips to Choose a College after Class 10th

  • May 8,2021
  Students often face a dilemma while making a choice after class 10th.  Some students are absolutely clear about their choices while others are sti...

Top Reasons to Choose Science Courses After 10th

  • May 7,2021
There are different options that students can opt for after class 10th including commerce, humanities, and science.  There are students who have good clarity ab...

10 Successful IITians that are at The Helm of Global Corporations

  • May 6,2021
Indian CEOs have been pioneering the way for how global corporations are working. Earlier, Indians had a hard time reaching the top of the ladder, but over the years, they have broken this ...

5 Important Tips To Handle JEE Coaching & School Together

  • May 5,2021
Preparing for any exam is a difficult task as it is. If we add the preparation for school exams and handling JEE coaching and preparing for JEE, then it becomes a strenuous activity. JEE as...

List of top 40 Careers in Health Care

  • May 4,2021
  Health care sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. This sector is not only important from a socialistic point of view, but also from an...

Minimum BITSAT Score Required for BITS Pilani | Goa & Hyderabad | BITS Cutoff

  • May 3,2021
The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT) is the national level entrance exam conducted by BITS Pilani for admission to undergraduate programs in the 3 BITS camp...

Branch of Interest in new IITs vs Any branch in OLD IITS | what should I select? | Branch vs College

  • May 1,2021
IITs are the dream college for engineering aspirants. Aspirants pour their hearts out to prepare for JEE exam right from Class 11 and give the exam. Out of more than several lakh applicants, the top 20 percentile ...

Are NEET and AIIMS Tests Similar?

  • April 28,2021
  What is AIIMS? All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) ...

Top Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad

  • April 27,2021
Hyderabad – the capital city of Telangana is turning into a hub for information technology (IT), IT-enabled services (ITES) and technology sectors.  This is attributed to the plethora of existing IT com...

How to crack NEET physics [140+] | Topper's strategy | Do or Die chapters

  • April 26,2021
NEET is the national level competitive exam to pursue a career in medicine. The exam is conducted every year and more than 10 lakh applicants sit for the exam. But not all applicants are ab...

Shortcut Techniques of Multiplication in Vedic Mathematics

  • April 23,2021
  Mathematics is a tricky subject – it is full of problems to be solved and there is no theory to substantiate the problems.  We have a bunch ...

How to complete your paper on time – Not missing out on what you know!

  • April 22,2021
Many students face the struggle of not completing the paper on time during exams.  This is one of the things that give the jitters to most of the students.  The main reason behind...

List of Courses Offered by IIT

  • April 21,2021
The prestigious engineering institutes in India – Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) offers a number of programs at the undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG) and at the doctorate le...

Do you need to take up an aptitude test before you choose your career?

  • April 15,2021
  One of the important decisions of our life that give us the jitters is choosing our career path.  We have our friends, parents, relatives, and vis...

How do I prepare for KVPY?

  • April 15,2021
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  The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana, KVPY, is a government-launched scholarship program funded by the Department of Science and Technology of the Go...

Board Vs Competitive Examinations

  • April 14,2021
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Competitive exams are very much different than board exams.  Board exams are written as part of our schooling and only after clearing the exam, students will be qu...

NEET Preparation Strategy

  • April 14,2021
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  Earlier, students could clear competitive exams and secure a seat of their choice by simply reading their school textbooks and understanding the basic ...